The celebration of Mass in our Parish churches

The celebration of Sunday Mass was resumed in mid-July and mid-week mass at All Saints mid-August.

Mass will be celebrated at:

All Saints: Sat. evening 5.00pm, Sun. morning 10.30am, and Wednesday morning at 10.30am.

St Lewis: Sun. morning at 9.00am.

Please note the agreed mass time changes for Sunday morning.

For those who can, please book a place for mass through the on-line booking form on the website, or alternatively ring the presbytery (01942 273851) to book your place. It will allow us to gauge numbers, covers us for insurance purposes at this time and will help if contact tracing is necessary.

It will allow us to gauge numbers, covers us for insurance purposes at this time and will help if contact tracing is necessary.

The Archbishop has reminded us that the vulnerable should consider the wisdom of returning to Mass too soon- you are not obliged to as the ‘Sunday obligation’ continues to be suspended and priests have been encouraged to continue with live-streaming and video masses on their websites.

When you come to church please be guided by the instructions of the Welcomers – they are there to keep all of us safe and besides, Mass will be different from what we are used to.

For our own safety we have been asked to follow these procedures by the Archbishop; this we gladly do.

The archdiocese has made a video covering these guidelines – please click here to view.

Parking/Arrival at church

Please bring a maximum of ONE bag with you to church, and if you can manage it don’t bring one at all.

There will be no parking in front of the church; please use the side road, Club carpark, or park on the road.

Do remember to socially distance from one another at all times, especially when outside church as you may be asked to wait before you are brought into church.

When you come- give your name to the Welcomer. If you aren’t on the booking list give them your name, address and tel. no. If there is more than one of you, the Welcomer will ask if you are living together or in the same bubble (if you are, you can sit together.)

When you enter the porch, please use the hand sanitiser.

If you haven’t got a mask you will be given one to wear. This is mandatory for all above the age of eleven.

The toilets cannot be used except in an emergency and only by one person.

Place your offertory envelope or offertory gift in the basket as you enter church.

Being taken to your seat

A Welcomer will then take you to your seat. NB this may not be the seat you usually sit in, so please be understanding. Please remain seated until asked to come forward by the Welcomer at Holy Communion. Please do not get up to greet your neighbour or other familiar face and where possible sit facing forward and remain seated at all times.

Whilst inside church

Despite the Government reducing social distancing to one metre we will be maintaining two metres inside church for your safety.

There will be no singing (not even the Alleluia) and the sign of peace will be a bow in the direction of those around you- even for those you are sat with.

A newsletter and mass leaflet with the readings on it will be in your place. Please take them home with you as they cannot be reused.

There can be no lighting of votive candles nor praying before the statues as this will compromise social distancing.

Receiving Holy Communion:

  • Holy Communion will be distributed AFTER the final blessing.
  • The priest will wear a visor and will hand sanitise.
  • The priest will say ‘the body of Christ’ once at the start of distributing Holy Communion and you will all reply ‘Amen.’ This will not be said again when you receive the host from the priest.
  • Only leave your bench when invited to by the Welcomer, taking with you all your belongings.
  • When approaching the altar please remove your mask.
  • Extend your arms to receive the host in your hand- there will only be Holy Communion in the hand.
  • Place the host in your mouth and immediately leave through the emergency exit. YOU CANNOT go back to your bench.

Leaving church.

You can use the hand sanitiser on the way out if you wish.

Newspapers and Catholic Pictorials will be available for you to take as you leave the church, but please do not hang around and block the exit.

And yes, please do not congregate in the cemetery: the pathway is narrow and you may prevent others leaving by doing so.

And at the end of it all I look forward to seeing you all again next week, and the week after that, and the week after that …

 Fr Gordon Abbs

To reserve a place at mass, please either:

to book your place.