Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion

Sacramental Programme 2020

Any Catholic Baptised child in year 4 or older is eligible to make their First Reconciliation and Holy Communion.

The programme of catechesis usually begins in the autumn with children making their first Reconciliation in the new year and their first Holy Communion sometime after Easter.

Any Parent of a child in a Catholic school will be contacted through the school and invited to put their child forward for these Sacraments.

Parents of children attending non catholic schools will need to contact the parish office in early September to ensure that their child is included in the Sacremental preparation.

All of the meetings and celebrations are important, so we ask parents to make a note of all the dates so that you and your children will be able to participate fully in the programme. We understand that there may be a rare occasion when you are unable to attend a meeting and, if this is the case, we ask that you contact the Parish Office in advance.

We are sure that both parents and children will enjoy the programme and benefit from the opportunity to receive the sacraments, as well as the opportunity for parents to reflect upon their own faith journey.

First Holy Communion dates for 2020 are:

9th May, 10:00 – St Lewis

2nd & 16th May, 10:00 – St Catherine’s and All Saints