Welcome to the website of St Catherine of Siena and All Saints, Golborne, affiliated to the parish of St Lewis’ in Croft, and part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool.

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Updated Covid advice from the Archdiocese

We have been advised of the revised Covid advice for services in church following the emergence of the Omicron variant. These are:

  • Face coverings in church
  • Maintaining a socially distanced section for those who wish it
  • Good ventilation
  • Keeping the service short

None of this is new. However, I would to add to this that we need to:

  • Leave the bench in front empty– so please do not sit on a bench that has a large red ‘X’ on it;
  • Limit our movement around church.

Please don’t stand in the aisles talking before or after mass or linger in the porch and also….please follow the advice and guidance of the Welcomers. Thank you.

Deaneries and Deans – November 2021

Following the recent consultation the Archbishop has now approved the new deanery structure for the archdiocese and appointed deans for the new deaneries. These changes will come into effect on the First Sunday of Advent (28 November 2021). Click here for more details.

Parish council minutes

Minutes for the recent parish council meeting are available here.

Our Prayerboard

I have asked a number of people if they would find it useful having a prayerboard on the front page. Whilst we are all in need at the moment, there are some with particular needs whom we can pray for. I have asked their permission and invited them to not just post names but also where possible details of people’s illness so that our prayers can be focussed. So many of us feel helpless at the moment, but as Christians we know we can do one thing: pray that God’s healing hand can touch our lives and those in most need. Do please send me names and, where appropriate details of people we can pray for.

Mary Morris – (Sister of Kathleen Roberts, Mum to Mike, Andrew and John) – Currently residing at High Peak Nursing Home where the level of care is amazing. Mary is happy but dearly misses home, family, friends and normal routines, lock down has been a trial. Prayers for happiness, hope and wellbeing very much appreciated.

Celia Redmond – After being in hospital with Covid for many months Celia is now at home awaiting an operation.

Edie Richardson, who has suffered a stroke and is in Wigan Hospital.

Sophie Tinley (daughter-in-law of Bill Tinley) has Myeloma bone marrow cancer. Sophie’s double transplant has been a success and she is eligible for a new treatment which will give her an increased chance of remission.

Marie Garside who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Pemberlina Smith who is suffering from breast cancer and is undergoing treatment.

Margaret Kirkham whose who has had her radiotherapy treatment – her tumour is greatly reduced.

Karl and Joy Ward – Karl has non Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Joy has ovarian cancer.

Lily Kennedy (daughter of Shaun Kennedy and Katie Gaskell) suffering from 22 Chromosome Duplication.

Ken Morris (Linda’s husband) receiving treatment for prostate cancer and lymphoma.

Parish team

Fr Gordon Abbs

Fr Gordon Abbs

Deacon Derek Morris

Deacon Derek Morris

Deacon Derek Morris

Elizabeth Casey
Parish administrator